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‘Tis the Season for Ducks, Pheasants, Grouse and Geese


Hunting season is upon us, time to enjoy the outdoors and activity with our dog companions.  It is also a time to consider some things to be aware of, regarding disease exposure and transmission.  Hunters are potentially exposing themselves to infectious diseases from infected animals and with exposure to vectors that transmit disease to them or their canine companions.  Contaminated soil also poses a risk to people and pets.


Some diseases can actually be spread from animal to human, zoonotic diseases, such as Leptospirosis, Trichinellosis, roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms.  Some diseases are shared by humans and animals from the same vector, such as tick-borne diseases like Lyme and anaplasma in this area.


Keeping abreast of disease entities, how one might become exposed, and how to protect ourselves and our pets helps to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading diseases.  The AVMA has put together some great information in a reference guide.  There is detailed information regarding specific diseases to be aware of and recommendations for things to consult with us about in helping to protect your pet.For more information see the AVMA web site.


Another consideration for your hunting adventures is putting together a first-aid kit for your dog.  Please send us an e-mail to discuss your needs and we'll provide you our recommendations!