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Prevention = No infection

While I would love for this to be true… preventive measures are the best we can do to protect our pets from pesky parasites and the diseases they may carry.

As the snow melts, hungry ticks emerge looking for the blood meal they crave.The bigger problem is that the super teeny tiny nymph stages are what are out now… get ready… they want to grow up to be ticks.These little 8 legged baby versions are as small or smaller than the tip of your pen, and guess what??? They too can carry diseases such as Lyme, anaplasma and ehrlichia!!!!Bad for you, you won’t even see them.This can be why some test results show positive when we “never saw” any ticks on our dogs and we were on “flea and tick” preventives last season.Keep in mind, ticks like it cooler and overcast.Spring and fall are their favorites!!

Now as things heat up, this is the time for fleas.Why do you think in Florida the fleas have fleas? Heat and humidity is their love.They will tolerate just about anything though, as any good parasite should, don’t get me wrong.They love contact sports, so watch out on the Humane Society Walk and make certain you are protected.That is the time an unexpected guest would love to surprise you.

Fleas love hanging out with little rodent friends like mice and rabbits that our pets love to hunt. Those rodents also serve as a resource for those pesky tapeworm intestinal parasites as well… you know, those little rice segments you find for us... and they move!!!

With spring also brings a veterinarian’s favorite…diarrhea.

With the snow melting our pets find things that had been rotting all winter long, no longer protected by the cold.There are also the beginnings of standing water, just pulling intestinal parasite eggs out of the top layer of soil.And who doesn’t love to play in wet, swampy soil and then lick their feet?

This is why we always ask for a fecal sample. With so many interesting options, it's best to find out what we are actually dealing with.

You can get more information at this site.

TIP: When bringing in a fecal sample, we need about one gram (1 TSP) of fresh fecal material.

The full ziplock bag, while providing ample sample, is not necessary.