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My Pet Needs Surgery, What Should I Know?

Dropping your pet off for surgery can be a very uncertain time.Your pet will be undergoing anesthesia, you are not there, and there are inherent risks.  Our focus at P.A.W.S. is to make your pet’s surgery as safe as possible and to make your pet’s surgical and post surgical experience as good as it can be.

First we try to establish a calm atmosphere for your pet.  In our surgical prep area we have soft music playing in the background and we have an open plan environment where your pet can watch us prepare, and where we can watch them carefully as they are pre-medicated and prepped.  At P.A.W.S. we pay close attention to pain management.  We are able to mitigate or reduce anxiety with pre-medications, which allow your pet to relax and be comfortable.  In addition to these benefits, the pre-medications also allow us to use safer maintenance levels of anesthesia during the procedure.

During the procedure, your pet will have their blood pressure maintained with careful fluid therapy and have their vital signs tracked to be certain they are under a good plane of anesthesia.  By carefully monitoring heart rate, blood pressure and respiration we can take action if any unforeseen underlying conditions emerge or, if needed, take action to change to your pet’s anesthetic protocol.  If after the procedure you are interested, we can provide you with a copy of your pet’s anesthesia log to take home with you so that you will have your own record of how they did under anesthesia.

At P.A.W.S. your pet will go through surgical recovery in our open-plan treatment area, which is the same room where they were prepped.  This location also allows our staff to be in constant contact with your pet and allows us to closely monitor any specific post-operative considerations.  When available, we have volunteers who will come into the treatment room and sit with pets as they are waking up from surgery.The volunteers help the pet to be more comfortable.  If your pet seems to be cold, we warm up rice bags for them and wrap them in fleece blankets so that the volunteer can keep this close and tucked in around your pet.


With all of the steps we take to make your pet comfortable before, during and after surgery, it is our hope that your pet will leave P.A.W.S. having had an overall good experience.  We know the steps we take are working when we see pets who are still happy and excited to return to the hospital on future visits.